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Departments across campus offer courses appropriate for PhD students in the HSD program. The following is a list of representative courses. Not all courses are offered in any single semester.


AEP 501

Foundations of Ethics


ASM 579

Proposal Writing

Ed Hackett

BIO 515

Science, Technology & Public Affairs

Dan Sarewitz and Michael Crow

BIO 516

Foundations of Bioethics

Jason Robert

BIO 517

Uncertainty and Decision Making

Dan Sarewitz

BIO 570

Fundamentals of Complex Adaptive Systems Science

Manfred Laubichler

BIO 591

Ecosystem Services Lab

Ann Kinzig

BIO 591

States of Health: Citizenship & Biomedicine

Ben Hurlbut

BIO 591

Embryo Project Seminar

Jane Maienschein

BIO 591

Embryo Project Editing Seminar

Jane Maienschein

BIO 591

Biotechnology: Science, Law & Policy

Gary Marchant

BIO 591

Environmental Ethics & Policy Goals

Ben Minteer

BIO 591

Philosophy of Biology

Richard Creath and Jason Robert

BIO 610

Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research in the Life Sciences

Karin Ellison

BIO 611

Special Topics in Responsible Conduct of Research

Karin Ellison

BIO 615

Biology and Society Lab

Karin Ellison

BIO 620

Research Prospectus Writing

Jane Maienschein and Karin Ellison

CHM 501

Current Topics in Chemistry: Science Policy for Scientists and Engineers

Ira Bennett and Jamey Wetmore

CMN 565

Globalization and Advocacy

Arnim Wiek

COM 598

Creative Nonfiction

Lee Gutkind

FSE 502

Strategic Enterprise Innovation

Prasad Boradkar

GTD 501

Global Technology and Development

Gary Grossman

GTD 503

Technology and the International Political System

Mary Jane Parmentier

GTD 505

Research Design in Technology and Development

Gary Grossman

GTD 506

Quantitative Analysis in Technology and Development

Gary Grossman

GTD 598

Technology and Development in the European Union

Gary Grossman

GTD 598

Political Development in the Middle East

Mary Jane Parmentier

GTD 598

Technology and Development in Latin America

Mary Jane Parmentier

HPS 516

History of Biology

Jane Maienschein and Manfred Laubichler

HPS 591

Choice and Belief

Brad Armendt

HPS 591

Literary Nonfiction

Steve Pyne

HPS 591

Carnap and Quine

Richard Creath

HPS 598


Ben Hurlbut

HPS 598

Scientific Revolution

Michael White

HSD 501

Science and Technology Policy

David Guston

HSD 502

Advanced Science & Technology Policy

David Guston

HSD 503

Governing Emerging Technologies

Erik Fisher

HSD 504

Analysis of Large-Scale Socio-Technological Systems

Jamey Wetmore

HSD 598

Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change

Netra Chhetri

HSD 598

Sustainable Energy as a Social Problem

Elizabeth Graffy

HSD 598

Science, Technology and Ethics

Joe Herkert

HSD 598

Cultural Perspectives in Sustainability

Netra Chhetri

HSD 601

HSD1: Human Dimension of Science and Technology

Clark Miller

HSD 602

HSD II: Science, Power, and Politics

Clark Miller

HSD 610


Clark Miller

HST 591

Global Environmental History

Paul Hirt

JUS 620

Justice Research Methodology

Merlyna Lim


Nanotechnology Law and Policy

Gary Marchant

LAW 691


Gary Marchant

MLS 502

Religion, Culture, and Health

Joel Gereboff

NAN 505

Nanoscience and Society

Ira Bennett

PAF 540

Advanced Policy Analysis

Elizabeth Corley

PAF 546

Environmental Policy and Management

Elizabeth Corley

REC 591

Environmental Interpretation and Education

Dave White

SOS 511

Sustainability Methodology

Arnim Wiek

SOS 512

Sustainable Resource Allocation

Joshua Abbott

SOS 515

Industrial Ecology & Design for Sustainability

Brad Allenby

SOS 540

Statistical Modeling for Sustainability

Joshua Abbott

SOS 552

Advanced Earth Systems Engineering and Management

Brad Allenby