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Graduate programs

Masters programs


Global technology and development (MS)

The MS in global technology and development is a program in international social, economic and political development that highlights the variable of technology and innovation in these development processes and analyzes change within the context of the current era of globalization.


Global technology and development (GTD-AID)

The Applied International Development Concentration in the MS in global technology and development program (GTD) offers the working professional in international development a flexible curriculum that meets their needs and relates immediately to work in the field. With just one required core course and a final applied project, the remainder of the curriculum can be constructed by each student, with the assistance of an advisor.


Online Master of Science in public interest technology

Learn to integrate values-based principles with the power of technology to advance the well-being of society today and into the future. This revolutionary degree program in public interest technology will equip you with the skills to become a next generation thinker and responsible innovator.

Master of Science in futures and design

Learn theories and practical tools for researching, ideating and prototyping, imagining, making and sharing futures with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society’s Master of Science in futures and design. You will apply this knowledge through collaborative projects across multiple media with real-world clients to inspire positive change.

Doctoral programs


Human and social dimensions of science and technology (PhD)

Creating and understanding innovative and inclusive futures require diverse perspectives, methods and expertise. The PhD program in human and social dimensions of science and technology responds to the growing demand for transdisciplinary research in the humanities, information sciences and social sciences that can provide insights into the dynamic relationship between science, technology and society.


Innovation in global development (IGD)

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) has established a doctoral degree in innovation in global development (IGD) that creates new values about the meaning of development and has a real impact on societies. This degree will expand the intellectual foundations needed to address the complex global development challenges of the 21st century.

Graduate certificates


Global development and innovation (graduate certificate)

The graduate certificate in global development and innovation responds to the knowledge and skills gap that development practitioners often struggle with globally. It provides current and critical perspectives as well as analytical and practical skills to address some of today’s most pressing global challenges including inequality, sustainability and poverty.


Nonfiction writing and publishing (graduate certificate)

The graduate certificate program in nonfiction writing and publishing is based on the belief that the work done within the university is most impactful when it can be shared — in a clear and compelling way — with audiences beyond chosen fields of research.


Responsible innovation in science, engineering and society (graduate certificate)

The certificate program in responsible innovation in science, engineering and society is designed for scientists, engineers, research managers, technology officers, public administrators and policy officials who seek to advance science and technology to improve societal outcomes and to develop creative solutions to the fundamental global challenges of the 21st century.