Meet Our Alumni

Graduates of the ASU Master of Science and Technology Policy program go on to pursue a variety of careers. For example:

Melissa Cannon
Graduated:  December 2014
Currently: Data Content Strategist – City of Gilbert, AZ
Odessa Clugston
Graduated:  May 2020
Currently: Global Immersive Solutions Manager – British Standards Institute
Matthew Contursi
Graduated:  August 2020
Currently: Public Health Analyst – Arizona Department of Health Services
Edna Contreras
Graduated:  August 2019
Currently: Privacy Compliance Manager – Niki Corporate
Natalie DeGraaf
Graduated:  August 2011
Currently:  Strategic Program & Policy Analyst – National (bio)Health Security, Division of Strategy, ASPR at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Dr. Jacqueline Fitton
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Internal Medicine Resident – Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh
Nicole Frank
Graduated:  August 2017
Currently: Associate Director of Research for III (Inflammation, Immunology, Infectious Disease) – University of Utah
Alaina George
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology – Arizona State University; Management Analyst – Indian Health Service Albuquerque Area Office
Anthony Gryniewicz
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Program Analyst II at Boston Government Services
Neekta Hamidi
Graduated:  December 2015
Currently: Associate Director – Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.
Jordan Hibbs
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Senior Advisor, Nuclear Matters – Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment
Jeffrey Jennings
Graduated:  May 2014
Currently:  Director of Environmental, Social and Governance – Leslie’s
Walter Johnson, J.D.
Graduated:  August 2017
Currently:  PhD Scholar at the School of Regulation and Global Governance – Australian National University
Jordan Kari Graduated:  August 2020
Currently: Regulatory and Government Affairs Coordinator – Water Quality Association
Kayla Kutter
Graduated:  May 2019
Currently:  Customer Success Manager – EcoVadis
Samantha Lloyd
Graduated:  May 2017
Currently: MultiMedia Specialist – School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Ana Lopenowski
Graduated:  August 2017
Currently:  Environmental Policy Analyst – Salt River Project
Kevin Margeson
Graduated:  May 2012
Currently:  Program Manager – AgJunction; 2013 Presidential Management Fellow
Carole Mars
Graduated:  December 2021
Currently: AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, Chemical and Materials Risk Management Program – Department of Defense
Elbert Maxwell III
Graduated:  August 2019
Currently: Vehicle Operations Specialist and Instructor – Toyota Research Institute
Nathanael McIntyre
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Strategy and Integration Manager, Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters
Alondra Regalado
Graduated:  August 2020
Currently: Energy Analyst – Tesla
Brandon Riddle
Graduated: August 2016
Currently:  B-52 Project Manager – Boeing
Blaine Rivas
Graduated:  December 2020
Currently: Program Assistant – National Science Foundation
Jacob Robertson
Graduated:  May 2021
Currently: Nonprofit Manager, Honors Program Manager – American Physical Society
Jenna Robinson
Graduated:  May 2021
Currently: Program Analyst – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); 2020 Presidential Management Fellow
Janine Taylor
Graduated:  May 2017
Currently:  Clinical Research Coordinator – WCG Clinical
Kevin Todd
Graduated:  August 2014
Currently: Judicial Law Clerk – U.S. Judiciary North Carolina
Menka Vansant
Graduated:  May 2019
Currently:  Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Science – Skidmore College, Cape Town, South Africa
Andrew Wollenberg
Graduated:  May 2017
Currently: Senior Consultant – Deloitte