MSTP Careers

The Master of Science and Technology Policy program prepares graduate students for careers in and related to the politics and policy of science and technology in government, non-governmental organizations, the corporate sector, and in academia. The program focuses on foundational, translatable and adaptive skills that will put its graduates at the forefront of 21st century science and technology policy, and will provide them with unique insights into emerging challenges and opportunities.

Some potential science and technology policy career examples include:

  • Science and technology research analyst, program or policy analyst, or legislative analyst employed at various government agencies, businesses, advocacy groups, think tanks, and academia
  • Science and technology advisor at the U.S. Department of State or the United Nations
  • Regulatory policy analyst for a U.S. pharmaceutical or biotechnology company
  • Editor of a science and technology-focused magazine or journal
  • Environmental protection specialist for a national park
  • Healthcare policy advisor for a U.S. insurance company or hospital system
  • Information technology policy specialist in the federal government and private sector
  • Intelligence analyst on foreign science and technology threats
  • Lobbyist for a social media platform company
  • Official at U.S. Patent and Trademark office
  • Smart cities program manager for the mayor’s office of a city
  • U.S. Department of Defense program administrator for a weapons platform

To get a sense of the nature and breadth of careers our alumni pursue, please check out the Meet our Alumni page.