Welcome to the PhD Program in human and social dimensions (HSD) of science and technology at Arizona State University!

Our program provides students with an intellectually rigorous platform to conduct problem-oriented, socially engaged and truly interdisciplinary research. Since its launch in 2008, our students have been pioneers in integrating research and teaching in the social, historical, philosophical and policy study of science and technology and join one of the largest and most comprehensive communities of scholars in this field in the nation.

Our philosophy is simple. Science and technology are too important to be developed only by scientists and engineers. We believe humanists and social scientists also have unique roles to play in helping to understand and inform the rationales and justifications for scientific research; to analyze and assess the increasingly powerful roles of science and technology as agents of social, moral and economic change; and to challenge universities, industries and policymakers to develop the institutional capacities necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. If you have questions, please contact the Degree Program Chair, Heather Ross.