HSD Faculty

The HSD PhD Program is administered through the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and has a broad, interdisciplinary faculty comprised of faculty members from across all four ASU campuses.

Program faculty

Visit the list of faculty for the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

HSD degree program executive committee

The HSD Executive Committee oversees the HSD Program. The Degree Program Chair serves as the chair of the committee. Other committee members may be added over time as others rotate off the committee.

  • Heather Ross – HSD Degree Program Chair and Associate Professor, SFIS
  • Bhaven Sampat – Professor, SFIS
  • Erik Johnston – Professor, SFIS/SCAS/BCI
  • Timi Aganaba – Assistant Professor, SFIS

The HSD Executive Committee has three main roles; it sets program policy, reviews applicants to the degree program and makes admission decisions, and approves HSD faculty.

The HSD Executive Committee also serves as a resource when students have academic concerns or problems. The Degree Program Chair provides general problem-solving support to all students in the program, including students having difficulties with their advisors.