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Global Development and Innovation

Graduate Certificate in Global Development and Innovation (GDI)

This graduate certificate program responds to the knowledge and skills gap that development practitioners often struggle with, and it also connects with innovations that policymakers seek for more sustainable and resilient futures. It provides current and critical perspectives on innovation and development for overseeing and managing complex global challenges, while fostering cultural sensitivities and dispositions. The program graduates will contribute to improving development policy and practices through analysis, integration and incorporation of emerging insights and best practices, making them available to policymakers, practitioners and tech-innovators.

Degree Information/ Program Description

The urgency of charting pathways to sustainable and resilient global development is making ever greater demands on those in academia, governments, aid agencies, NGOs and markets. Pathways to sustainable development calls for innovation with excellence and affordability and urge development practitioners to integrate critical thinking and practical experience for meaningful solutions. As a trans-disciplinary certificate program, global development and innovation (GDI) responds to the knowledge and skills gap development practitioners often struggling with and also link to innovations that policymakers are seeking for more sustainable and resilient future. Without losing the sight of the diverse realities of people and their aspirations, courses offered through GDI cultivate intellectual debates about development as desired societal outcomes. Along with exposure to concepts and theories around global development, students will also learn a range of research methods that they will be able to use[JW1] in their work environment. The program caters ASU graduates and professionals from around the world seeking to complement their experience and skill set with critical perspectives on innovation and development for managing and overseeing complex global challenges. The certificate on GDI provide a solid grounding on theories and practices on how innovations emerge, how they diffuse across societies, and what impacts they have on policies and practices to sustainable development challenges.

The students will be equipped with the analytical and practical skills needed to engage critically in issues around innovation and development, debates from trans-disciplinary perspective, and to work across the intersections of innovation, development policy, research and practice. This unique program features: (a) a curriculum designed to meet the needs of both young scholars continuing their academic training and career professional motivated to deepen their expertise; and (b) a large faculty drawn from several academic units (SOS, and various concentration under Fulton School of Engineering) at ASU, with exciting research agenda and extensive experience in innovation and global development. We expect the size to be anywhere between 10-15 and the certificate will provide coherence and integration with other masters courses offered at SFIS. The SFIS faculty are leading researchers in both innovation and development fields and the course will be designed so that students benefit from knowledge of the cutting-edge research and methodologies associated with it.