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SFIS School Awards

SFIS School Awards

The SFIS School Awards are made annually in the spring to recognize SFIS staff, faculty and students for their contributions to advancing the School’s mission and strengthening our community.  This semester, both of these events will be held virtually. We invite you, your peers, your family, friends, and professors to this celebration.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Schedule of events

1:00 p.m. SFIS School Award presentation

2:30 p.m. Student Showcase

2021 Spring Award Recipients Categories

ASU Years of Service Awards

The ASU service award pin recognizes employees in 5-year increments for their continued commitment and contributions to Arizona State University.

2021 SFIS Staff Impact Award

Annually recognizes an SFIS staff member for their substantial impact on SFIS’s vision and mission.

SFIS Excellence in Education

Annually presented to an SFIS teaching faculty member for their inspirational guidance and commitment to the intellectual development of students.

SFIS Director’s Service Award

Annually presented to a student, faculty member, staff member, team, or project selected by the School’s Director for significant service to the SFIS community.  

SFIS Personal Achievement Awards

Awarded to the student each year for outstanding personal achievement within their degree program (HSD, IGD, MSTP, GTD, PIT, FIS). While these awards may go to students that show outstanding academic achievement, it may equally be awarded for achievement in other areas. The benchmark for the award is an achievement against personal objectives, goals, and hurdles, and not achievement compared to others in the program. Recipients can be nominated by students, staff or faculty and selected by their corresponding degree program committees.

Champion of the Future

Awarded to a student, group of students, or team across any SFIS degree programs for an activity, project, or accomplishment within one of four areas: Building a better future for everyone; community building; personal achievement; or outstanding excellence. Recipients can be nominated by students, staff or faculty and selected by an ad-hoc committee.