GTD-AID Admissions

The GTD-AID application process:

  1. Initiate an online ASU Graduate Admissions Application through the Graduate College website.
  2. Complete the “General Information Section.” You will be asked to enter information on universities that you have attended and your GPAs.
  3. Complete the Degree Section.
    1. Click “Find Your Degree/Certificate Program”
    2. Select ASU ONLINE as your degree program campus.
    3. Search for and select Global Technology and Development (Applied International Development) as your degree program.
    4. Identify any faculty, students or staff you have been in contact with about the degree program.
    5. Request two Letters of Recommendation from people who can evaluate your potential for success in this program. These letters must be submitted using the online application system.  As you move through the steps in the online application, you will be asked to enter the email addresses of the two people who will be writing your recommendations.  The ASU Graduate College online application system will automatically contact them with information on how to log in to the online system and upload the Letter of Recommendation.
    6. Prepare and upload a current resume.
    7. Prepare and upload the Personal Statement of Purpose. 
  4. Submit the online ASU Graduate Admissions Application.
  5. Pay the Application Fee. 
  6. Have official transcripts* sent to ASU.  One set of official transcripts from every college and university from which a bachelor’s degree or higher was earned should be sent to:

If sending by U.S. Mail, use this address:

Admission Services Applicant Processing
Arizona State University
PO Box 871004
Tempe, AZ 85287-1004

If sending by FedEx, DHL or UPS, use this address:

Arizona State University
Admission Services Applicant Processing
1150 East University Drive Building C, Room 226
Tempe, AZ 85281

*ASU transcripts do not need to be sent. If additional transcripts are required, Graduate College will notify you.

Currently, ASU will accept transcripts received from some secured transcript services.   Please see the list of providers for more information.

International applicants

More information on requirements for international academic credentials: (

* Original academic credentials issued by the registrar of the institution attended, bearing the original raised or colored seal of the institution and the signature of your institution’s registrar, academic official, or recognized international organization.

If you are from a country whose native language is not English, you must provide proof of English proficiency.  Acceptable proof is as follows:

Proof of English proficiency: An applicant whose native language is not English must provide proof of English proficiency regardless of current residency.  Please visit the ASU Graduate Admissions web site for more information.