Meet our GTD students

“As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Mongolia and having lived as the only foreigner in a remote Mongolian village, the Global Technology and Development program drew me in the moment I read its description. Being a part of a program that strives to address inequalities domestically and internationally, moving forward to bring together the world we live in now and the world of tomorrow, the GTD program is perfect for developing students personally and professionally as global citizens. So far, in my first semester of graduate school, the program has exposed me to an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to navigating development work. In my career I will be multifaceted and able to be successful in whichever path I choose.”

Sheril Steinberg, GTD Student 2020-2022, U.S. Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow

“What initially drew me to the GTD program is its comprehensive approach to understanding global development issues. Being a recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I desired to understand what role development plays in an ever-expanding and changing world. Looking back now, the GTD program has not only expanded my view of what development is, but it has also instilled in me the tools and perspective necessary to help make sustainable change at a grassroots level. I was consistently impressed by the expertise and support from the faculty.”

Julian Cashman, GTD Student 2018-2020

“Deciding to come to the GTD program was a major career change for me. I would have never made the change had I not seen the unique opportunity that the program offered. My core classes have exposed me to foundational knowledge that rooted me in the discipline, while my elective courses have allowed me to customize my education to the topics that I want to pursue after graduation. Being a student in SFIS exposes you to a world of brand new ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. While daunting at times, the breadth of expertise and professional networks are there for an eager student to take advantage of. I’m very excited to see what happens next!”

Tyler Eglen, GTD Student 2018-2020

“There are few programs that successfully bridge the intercept between technology and development, two subjects that span multiple academic disciplines. ASU’s GTD program did just that. This program taught me about the biggest challenges facing our global world order. The curriculum and staff helped me along a learning curve that has empowered my career ambitions. As a graduate of the GTD program, I am better equipped to mobilize technology against challenges facing global development, contextualized to specific environments.”

Katie McKernan, Fall 2020 Graduate