Degree Requirements

Applied Ethics and the Professions – Science, Technology and Ethics

The program requires 30 credits of coursework including an oral presentation of a written Applied Project report (AEP 593)

The 30 credits include:

6 credits of required core courses:

  • AEP 501 – Practical and Professional Ethics (3 credits)
  • HSD 598 – Science, Technology and Ethics (3 credits)

6 credits of an Applied Project:

  • AEP 593 – Science, Technology and Ethics Applied Project (6 credits) 
  • 18 credits of Electives

NOTE:  No more than 6 credit hours of 400-level coursework can be included as electives on the Plan of Study. 

If there are specific classes you wish to take for electives that are not on the list, you can request approval through the Degree Program Chair.