Degree Requirements

The program requires 30 credits of coursework including an Applied Project (AEP 593).

The 30 credits include:

6 credits of required Core Courses:

  • AEP 501 – Practical and Professional Ethics (3 credits)
  • BIO 516 – Foundations of Bioethics (3 credits)

6 credits of Applied Project:

  • AEP 593 – Applied Project (6 credits)

The applied project will be a hands-on, summative learning experience. Students will apply skills in identifying, analyzing, and resolving ethical issues within a professional context. Applied projects may consist of two or more of the following:

  • internship
  • research
  • developing educational activities
  • shadowing
  • formal or informal writing
  • 18 credits of Electives:

NOTE:  No more than 6 credit hours of 400-level coursework can be included as electives on the Plan of Study. 

Students must request approval from the Degree Program Chair to use graduate courses as electives. Many humanities and social sciences courses that explore biomedicine are appropriate, as are many biology courses.