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The HSD program has a strong community of doctoral students.

Abe Tidwell: To many, the Hawaiian Islands are just a beautiful vacation destination full of bent palms, grass skirts, and mai-tais, but to HSD candidate Abe Tidwell they are the site of major energy transitions complicated by racial and post-colonial politics. Read more



Barbara McAllister: Balances her degree program with the responsibilities of being the Executive Director of Strategy and External Alliances in Intel’s Diversity and Inclusion office. Read more



HSD PhD student Brenda

Brenda Trinidad: Brenda Trinidad’s research examines the future of spaceflight, space tourism and the companies and people that propose to make it a reality. Read More



Carlo Altamirano: The Isthmus of Tehuantepec spans three states in the south of Mexico, including one of the poorest, Oaxaca. This narrow stretch of land separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean is swept by strong and nearly constant winds, making it highly attractive as a site for wind power infrastructure. Read more



Eric Kennedy: Is working to understand how knowledge systems can be analyzed, assessed, and enhanced to improve the ability of experts and the public to work together to solve real-world problems. Read more



Gabriela Gonzalez: Gabriela Gonzalez has been pursuing research aimed at discovering how the intersectionality of ethnicity, gender, class, and culture may influence or shape perceptions, attitudes, and dispositions toward careers in STEM. Read more



Miles Brundage: Artificial Intelligence used to be little more than sci-fi movie fodder. While the tear-wrenching travails of Haley Joel Osment’s portrayal of an android longing for a mother earned some sympathy, the murderous, red-eyed antagonists of the Matrix and Terminator series have arguably made a more lasting impression on human audiences. Read more



Tess Doezema: SFIS HSD student Tess Doezema’s research looks at how scientists and policy makers contribute to shaping the idea of the bioeconomy – the economic activity coming out of biotechnological research and the move toward bio-based fuel solutions. Read more


Complete list of students:

Abe Tidwell
Alaina George
Alecia Radatz
Amanda Hess
Anne Hammang
Annie Hale
Aubrey Wigner
Barbara McAllister
Brenda Trinidad
Carlo Altamirano Allende
Changdeok Gim
Elizabeth Garbee
Eric Kennedy
Eriko Fukumoto
Gabriela Gonzalez
Jamie Winterton
Jason O’Leary
Jonathan Klane
Joshua Loughman
Kaethe Selkirk
Kevin Dwyer
Lee Seabrooke
Matthew Pimentel
Miles Brundage
Nathaniel Wade
Pani Pajouhesh
Rajiv Ghimire
Rebecca Monteleone
Sarah Geren
Sean McAllister
Shannon Lidberg
Steven Weiner
Tess Doezema
Timothy Kostyk