SFIS Newsletter – January 2020

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ASU SFIS Fall 2019 graduating class

Congratulations to our new grads!

SFIS was thrilled to celebrate the convocation of our class of Fall 2019. We are proud to send these accomplished men and women into the world equipped to lead with their minds and hearts. View our highlight video or a video of the full ceremony.

Diana Ayton-Shenker executive director of the new ASU-Leonardo partnership and CEO of Leonardo/the International Society of Arts

SFIS Welcomes New Executive Director for the ASU-Leonardo Initiative

What do you get when you bring together art, science and technology? A powerful way of galvanizing people, says Diana Ayton-Shenker. Ayton-Shenker is executive director of the new ASU-Leonardo partnership and CEO of Leonardo/the International Society of Arts, Sciences and Technology. She is also a new professor of practice at ASU.  She sat down recently to discsus how can we become more human and more humane? 

light trails and ASU pedestrian bridge

2020: A Year of Foresight and Anticipation

Hindsight, everyone says, is 20/20. But this year, we are going to swing our sights around 180 degrees and look toward the future. How sharp can our vision be, looking, imagining and planning ahead? 

We will be hosting a series of events throughout the 2020 calendar year that focus on the future. Two of our research centers, the Center for Science and the Imagination and the Center for the Study of Futures, will be leading the charge. The events will range from talks and seminars to full-fledged festivals (on the future of food!). Be sure to follow us on social media to hear about all of our 2020 events.  


2019 SFIS fall Charter award winners

Congratulations to our 2019 Charter Awardees

Fifteen students were honored this December at the annual Charter Awards ceremony. Three students within each SFIS degree program who embody and demonstrate the core ASU Charter values of access, excellence and impact within their studies, activities and lives.

 Robert Davis
Jason George
Melinda Nicholson
Matthew Contursi
Kelli Gamez Warble
Brian Howard
Claude Clausing
Ranga Krishnamurthy
Zeinab Serhan
Vanya Bisht
Noa Bruhis
Nicole Mayberry
Jared Byrne
Kevin Johnson
Clinton Reiswig
Master of Science and Technology Policy graduate Katherine Ball

Engaging citizens through gameplay

When a local concerned citizens; group reached out to an ASU professor and his research team of students on ways to better educate others on the issues surrounding helium extractions, Master of Science and Technology Policy graduate Katherine Ball knew she could help.

Melinda Nicholson

First-gen student took the path through college seriously

When an unexpected injury changed the course of Melinda Nicholson’s career, she knew she had to dedicate herself solely to finding a new one.   

SFIS Clinical Assistant Professor Heather Ross

Prof appointed to assist Phoenix mayor on health policy issues

According to SFIS Clinical Assistant Professor Heather Ross, it is no longer enough for physicians to just be good at taking care of patients; they also have to be prepared to be policy advocates. Now, with a new appointment as a policy fellow to Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, she’s walking the walk


January 14 – Innovations Talk: Unfracking the Future through Civic Technoscience

January 17 – Spring Student Welcome

January 22 – CSPO Open Workshop (in DC)

February 4 – Science Fiction TV Dinner: Stargate SG-1

March 21 – Emerge 2020: Eating at the Edges


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Erik Fisher
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Andrew Maynard, Diana Bowman (co-authors)
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Gregg Zachary
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Andrew Maynard, Diana Bowman (co-authors)
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Andrew Maynard, Bas Boorsma (co-authors)
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Katina Michael
Book Review: Films from the Future
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December 2019

In the Media

Ed Finn

Creators of the Future: Podcast 2
McGill Podcasts

Katina Michael
Report reveals Arizona is fifth worst state for robocalls
State Press
Dec. 4, 2019

Diana Bowman
No. 1: ASU receives recognition for innovation
College Times
Dec. 4, 2019

Lauren Withycombe Keeler
Tempe Sustainability Commission expands on climate plan for 2021 update
State Press
Dec. 6, 2019

Andrew Maynard
Some Businesses Struggle To Adapt, Innovate
Dec. 16, 2019