SFIS Newsletter – February 2020

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Jesse Senko

A Bright Idea

The interdisciplinary work of SFIS Assistant Research Professor Jesse Senko was featured on the cover of the most recent ASU Thrive Magazine last month. Senko’s solar-powered lights are rescuing more than sea turtles from fishing nets — they’re helping to transform the future of sustainable fishing. The project was also featured on ASU’s YouTube Channel.  

New tech policy

ASU experts call for new approach to tech policy and governance

Technological innovations, especially in the last half-century, have altered the way we live, work and interact with one another. SFIS Professors Andrew Maynard and Diana Bowman and many of our students contributed to a white paper in a new collaboration with World Economic Forum that urges new and improved rules and laws, designed and delivered through a global, multistakeholder approach to managing the risks and benefits of technology worldwide in the face of accelerating technological disruption. 

Marlon James speaking with SFIS Assistant Professor Michael Bennett

Celebrated author speaks on reclaiming the fantasy novel at ASU

Marlon James, author of “Black Leopard, Red Wolf,” touched on Afrofuturism, transcending timeworn mythologies and the state of the fantasy genre with SFIS Assistant Professor Michael Bennett at “Reclaiming the Fantasy Novel” as part of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies’ Race Before Race symposium.



Transitioning to a sustainable future: Is it easy?

On Jan. 22 in Washington DC., CSPO convened leaders from universities, businesses, government, and civil society to discuss potential solutions to the critical, complex challenges of sustainability and the future of our planet. The open workshop “What Will It Take to Transition to a Sustainable Future?” was held at the Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center and was organized in coordination with academic leaders from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, Germany, as part of a series of events held through the Global Sustainability Strategy Forum.

Winter School at asu

2020 Winter School

Eighth Annual Winter School on the Social Studies of Emerging Technologies was held January 2-8, 2020 at the picturesque Saguaro Guest Ranch.  Supported by the NNCI, Winter School is a learning retreat for graduate and postdoctoral students held during ASU’s winter break period when students and faculty can focus on their work in a distraction-free environment. Designed to be a hands-on and collaborative experience, it introduces young scholars to the methods and theory employed by SFIS faculty and associates. Details and applications for the 2021 session will be available in the fall. 


Diana Bowman at the World Economic Forum’s 50th annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland

SFIS Professor Diana Bowman participated in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum’s 50th annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland hosted by the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  The panel also included Bas Boorsma, Cities Today Institue; Scott Corwin, Global Future of Mobility Leader, Deloitte Consulting; Guy Diedrich, Global Innovation Officer, Cisco and Sanjeev Khagram, Dean, Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Alycia de Mesa

HSD PhD student Alycia del Mesa was elected as president-elect for the ASU Chicano/Latino Faculty & Staff Association.  de Mesa will serve as president for the organization for three years and will coincide with the association’s 50th anniversary this Fall. “I’m looking forward to serving our LatinX faculty and staff members here at ASU, “ said de Mesa.


February 4 – Science Fiction TV Dinner: Stargate SG-1

February 11 – Lessons from the Yellow Vests, Grand Debates, and Citizen Assembly on Climate in France (In DC)

February 11 – The Future Ain’t Gonna Write Itself

February 17 – Innovations Talk: Etienne Benson

February 19 – Film Screening: The Brother from Another Planet

February 22 –  ASU Open Door at Tempe

March 19 – Sun Devil Giving Day 

March 21 – Emerge 2020: Eating at the Edges


Bob Cook Deegan
“Ethics of Global Health Photography: A Focus on Being More Human”
Special Section on Global Health Fieldwork Ethics and Human Rights
Health and Human Rights Journal, Volume 21, Issue 1, June 2019

Bob Cook Deegan
Introduction: Sharing Data in a Medical Information Commons
The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics
April 2019

Thad Miller
Imaginaries of Sustainability: The Techno-Politics of Smart Cities
Science as Culture
Dec. 2019

Sasha Barab
Schools as Providing Transformational Goods.
The Emerging Learning Design Journal
Dec. 15, 2019

William Debars, Michael Crow
“Restructuring Research Universities to Advance Transdisciplinary Collaboration.”
Strategies for Team Science Success: Handbook of Evidence-Based Principles for Cross-Disciplinary Science and Practical Lessons Learned from Health Researchers

David Guston (contributor)
After Shock: The World’s Foremost Futurists Reflect on 50 Years of Future Shock―and Look Ahead to the Next 50
ISBN Print: 978-0-9997364-4-9
February 2020

In the Media

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