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Since Fall 2018, SFIS has held a poster symposium at the end of every semester to celebrate the research achievements of our students. This semester, we are moving the poster session online. Please join us from 4:30-6 p.m. on Thursday, April 30 to learn about the fantastic work our students have been doing!

How does it work? 

Students will take center stage for a 10-min slot in one of 3 parallel Zoom rooms (see table below), and after a short intro about their project, will field questions from their virtual audience. To catch all the projects you’re interested in you might have to hop between Zoom rooms – and, if you can’t make it to all the poster sessions you’d like to, we encourage you to view the poster PDFs online and reach out to the researchers directly.

Poster Schedule


 Poster Title


 4:30 p.m.Technology for the Developing World: Responsible Innovation and Factors for Success | Assessing Sierra Leone's Capacity to Develop and Support a Sustainable Innovation Tech Hub EcosystemFrenard Ganda
 4:30 p.m.Are Smart Cities Sustainable?Joelle Ballecer
 4:30 p.m.Assessing the Economic Impact on Counties in the United States  to a Loss of Fossil Fuel Dependence for Energy ProductionJairo Ramirez Torres
 4:40 p.m.The Future of Non-Lethal SolutionsMadison Macias 
 4:40 p.m.Getting hands-on About Learning: Learning About Life Through LegoKatherine Nguyen
 4:40 p.m.'Child Recycling’: Key Rhetoric Changing the Face of Immigration ReformAlyssa Lindsey 
 4:50 p.m.A Review of the Various Facets of Helium Extraction in ArizonaSakshi Hegde
 4:50 p.m.Appropriate Practices for Constructing a Digital Medical Library

Kristen Garcia, Sankshay Macha, Mpho Olatotse,
Gabrielle Messer, Courtney Raymond

 4:50 p.m.Implementation of Empathetic Design to Close Distance Between Educators and StudentsJoshua Ain
 5:00 p.m.SolarSPELL BMET Library 

Claudia Fragoso, Nandini Sharma, Ashley Tse,
Karla Cosio, Priya Borah

 5:00 p.m.Global impacts of plastic pollution on air-breathing marine megafaunaSydney Hitzig
 5:00 p.m.Biofoundries' Relationships with SustainabilityJames Karabin
 5:10 p.m.Body Modifications and Their Health ImplicationsLauryn Remmers
 5:10 p.m.A Structured Review of Education and Health Initiatives in Humanitarian and Development WorkEryka Molino, Rujuta Takalkar
 5:10 p.m.Biofoundries' Relationships with SustainabilityIzaac Mansfield
 5:20 p.m.Global trafficking and illegal take of marine turtles 1990-2019Kayla Burgher 
 5:20 p.m.Improving the Approachability of Thrivecast Through Guided Feedback to Create a Meaningful and Personalized ExperienceMissy Tran
 5:20 p.m.Synthetic Biology in Space: A Board GameIsabelle Essendrup
 5:30 p.m.- None -- None -
 5:30 p.m.Olfaction Matchin'Makenzie Carbone
 5:30 p.m.Sustainability Standards for Agricultural Urban Land Trusts in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gwen Cameron
 5:40 p.m.Socio-Information Science: Using Data Analytics to Propose Inclusive Energy Infrastructure in the Developing WorldAlexander Sasha Garivlov
 5:40 p.m.GIS Mapping of Oil and Gas Infrastructure and Environmental Advocacy GroupsAlex Garza Navarro 
 5:40 p.m.Coding for NarrativesElizabeth Keyes
 5:50 p.m.Effects of Maternal Obesity on Systemic Immunity of OffspringMaya Shrikant
 5:50 p.m.ThriveCast Design Based Research: Creating Relatable StoriesNicole Nelson
 5:50 p.m.Designing a guide for how to provide effective, Trauma-Informed feedback to detained youth learning with ThriveCastZane Encinas