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A global experience

You’ll find SFIS students not only in classrooms, but around the world. Studying abroad is a great way to explore foreign cultures, reflect on your place in the world, and challenge yourself. We encourage all students interested to participate in a study abroad program. SFIS faculty lead study abroad programs most years, and scholarship are often available at SFIS as well as through the Study Abroad Office.


December 17 - 29, 2020

Cambodia and Vietnam

June 2 - 20, 2020


May 18 - June 7, 2020

Baja California

March 7 - 13, 2019

Dominican Republic

March 7 - 15, 2020

Past Trips

Why YOU should study abroad

Study abroad programs provide an opportunity for you to develop a valuable skill set that can give you an advantage over the competition and in life in general by:

  • Expanding your knowledge of different places, cultures, and people
  • Broadening your horizons not just so that you can learn about new places, but gain important perspectives on where you are from as well
  • Challenging you to adapt and persevere under sometimes difficult and harsh social and cultural circumstances
  • Improving your language and cross cultural skills for effective communication across populations

Study Abroad at ASU | Arizona State University

Financing your study abroad program

Studying abroad is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires careful planning and management. However, the personal, academic, and professional rewards that you will gain from this experience will last a lifetime.

You should carefully consider costs, budgets and financing when selecting and preparing for your experience abroad.

If you have questions at any step of the process, we encourage you to reach out to your International Coordinator for guidance.

Steps to Financing Your Study Abroad Program

  1. View program Cost Sheets: Information about the costs of ASU’s study abroad programs is available on the “Program Pages.” Use the Program Search function. Then select the “Cost Sheet” link for the desired term to find a breakdown of program expenses.
  2. Attend a Financing Your Study Abroad Workshop.
  3. Consider Your Financial Aid Options.
  4. Search and Apply for Scholarships and Grants.
  5. Compare how much it costs to spend a semester abroad to a semester here at ASU.
  6. Exhaust Your Options by Exploring Additional Funding Resources Including Our Community-Based Funding Guide. 
  7. View our  Financing Your Study Abroad Program Handbook for more information, including Payment Information.