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SFIS Graduate Travel Award Application

Graduate students in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society may be eligible for limited assistance with travel expenses directly related to their research or program. Students must first consult with their Faculty Mentor and Program Chair to determine if the conference or event is appropriately related and beneficial to their academic focus.

Selection and priority of awards will be based on:

Status in Program‐ Students who are more advanced in their program. The highest priority will be shown to students entering job market.

  • Relevance to Research and Faculty Support‐ High degree of program relevance and faculty support.
  • Previous Travel Awards‐ First time applicants receiving travel award.
  • Presenter ‐ Applicants who are presenting a paper or poster.
  • Good Academic Standing‐ Academic standing is based on progress in program as well as faculty and advisor references.

PDF icon Graduate Travel Award Application

Please complete page 1 and attach a detailed budget. Then on page 2 have your faculty mentor (chair or research supervisor) complete the top box and sign (or provide email approval) and the Chair of your graduate Program complete the second box and sign (or provide email approval). Once Mentor and Program Chair approvals are complete, please submit the form and all relevant back up as single pdf to Lori.Hidinger@asu.edu.