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Undergraduate Questions

Why would I want to major in Innovation in Society?

If you are interested in science, technology and innovation and want to be an agent of change—someone who can create bridges between disciplines, someone who can learn and understand the diverse challenges of responsible innovation, someone who can be involved in making change that will positively affect the future—this is the major for you.

Do I have to be a scientist or engineer to be successful in your programs?

Not at all! All you need is an interest in science, technology, and innovation. We look at the connection between science, technology, and innovation and social issues. Our students and faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds including political science, sociology, anthropology, geology, electrical engineering, biology, and the humanities. What unites everyone is that we see the important role that science and technology play in the world, and want to work to use it to foster the social good.

What are the requirements to get into the BA or BS?

We have the same requirements as the university, so if you are admitted to Arizona State University, you can major or minor in innovation in society or get the innovation for impact certificate.

Can I get an innovation in society BA or BS degree and the minor or certificate at the same time?

No. If you are pursuing the BA or BS in innovation in society, you cannot get the minor or the certificate. However, you are welcome to take the courses that are unique to the certificate as part of your major or as electives.

How long will it take to finish?

As with all other undergraduate degrees at ASU, the BA and BS are 120 credit hours which should take about four years to finish. If you come to the program with a substantial number of credits and university requirements met, you can finish your bachelor’s degree in Innovation in Society in as little as two years. For students that want a smaller taste of the program, our minor and certificates can be added to an outside major and completed in as short as a year.

What kind of job can I get with the innovation in society BA or BS?

Our students will be trained to work in future-thinking jobs such as  science and technology policy analyst,  research assistant for think tanks or NGOs,  manager of industry,  project manager,  chief innovation officer,  science communicator,  technical developer, etc.

Can courses not currently approved as a related area elective count for that requirement?

Students are not limited to the currently approved list. If there is a course that students want to take to apply to the related area elective requirement, they can contact the undergraduate advisor for approval. In their request they should include the course name, description, and syllabus (if it is not an ASU course), and explain why they think this should count as a related area elective. The request must be approved before the student takes the course.