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HSD PhD student

To many, the Hawaiian Islands are just a beautiful vacation destination full of bent palms, grass skirts, and mai-tais, but to HSD candidate Abe Tidwell they are the site of major energy transitions complicated by racial and post-colonial politics.

HSD PhD student

HSD PhD student Barbara Whye balances her degree program with the responsibilities of being the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer/VP of Human Resources. Whye was recognized for her achievements several times in 2015.

HSD PhD Candidate

While certain earthbound companies have fixed their sights on the stars, HSD PhD candidate Brenda Trinidad has hers squarely on the companies themselves.


Inspiration for an ambitious project came to Brian David Johnson while riding in the back of his father’s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham on their annual expedition to watch spring training in Phoenix.

GTD alumni

Editor's note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2016 commencement. See the rest here .

Spirit of Service Award Winner and HSD PhD student

Spirit of Service Award Winner

Carlo Altamirano was awarded the Spirit of Serv

HSD PhD student

HSD PhD student Eric B. Kennedy is not the type of doctoral candidate that is content to cloister himself in an office or library, hunched over a book or keyboard.

HSD PhD student

A PhD student in the Human and Social Dimensions (HSD) program, Gabriela Gonzalez has been pursuing research aimed at discovering how the intersectionality of ethnicity, gender, class, and culture may influence or shape perceptions, attitudes, and

HSD PhD alumna & faculty member

Heather Ross will be the ce

HSD PhD alumni

In his research on the future of “smart cities” – cities populated by networked devices and processes making up an “internet of things” – HSD PhD candidate Jathan Sadowski pointedly skirts the boggy debate over definitions, which has a tendency to