Master of Science in Global Technology and Development

Master of Science in Global Technology and Development

As we address the global disparity in wealth and access to resources and basic needs, both between and within countries, you’ll pursue questions of your own that engage you in social science research on issues related to technology and human socioeconomic and political development within nations, regions and around the globe.

Occasional Talk with Katina Michael

Location-Based Everything: Are we ready for Uberveillance?

Location is fundamental to every interaction that happens on earth. Increasingly, the personal and work-related smart devices we use are packed with sensors that record the who (ID), where (location), when (time), and how (mode of transport/condition) of a user's digital chronicle. Both commercially led initiatives (e.g. objective and subjective mapping of every inch of the globe) and law enforcement motivations (e.g.

Occasional Talk with Amar Gupta

24-Hour Knowledge Factory: Surmounting Innovation, Policy, and Deployment Barriers in Global Environments

Using examples from banking, telecommunications, and defense industries, the evolution of several knowledge based approaches will be described to highlight the growing complexity and interdependence of engineering and policy issues.