Eric B. Kennedy

HSD PhD student Eric B. Kennedy is not the type of doctoral candidate that is content to cloister himself in an office or library, hunched over a book or keyboard. While acknowledging the value of compiling data and writing, it is out in the field that he really feels energized. It is essential to “constantly go out and be stimulated by new experiences,” he says.

Podcasting Basics: Oral Story-Telling for the Digital Age

Have you dreamed of creating your own podcast? Podcasting has become a popular way to share aural stories and with today's technology, it is easier than ever. In this day-long workshop, NPR science correspondent Richard Harris will introduce participants to the basics of how to tell a story using audio and help participants produce a podcast of their own. Participants will learn how to structure an audio story, get interviewing tips, and learn the basic techniques of crafting a podcast.