Public Interest Technologies (PIT) Colloquium

COVID Responses, Innovations and Public Interests

Wednesday, September 23
1:30 - 3:30pm
The novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 is sweeping the globe, causing the most severe pandemic of infectious disease in a century and disrupting economic and social systems in unprecedented ways. How are societies coping with these challenges and what does that mean for the future? How does technology figure into the pandemic? How do concepts of "public interest technology" relate to innovations in business, medicine, public health, civic engagement, information technology, government, and other areas associated with pandemic? How does innovation relate to personal and collective resilience? How do public attitudes and ideas about science apply? How might concepts of public interest affect long-term management and recovery from the pandemic? Can innovations developed during the COVID crisis transfer to meeting other societal challenges at local, national or global scales? 
Robert Cook-Deegan, School for the Future of Innovation in Society - Covid and medical innovation 

Elisabeth Graffy, School for the Future of Innovation in Society - Covid and public/civic innovation 

Kevin Dooley, Carey School of Business - Covid and supply chains 

Katina Michael, School for the Future of Innovation in Society - Covid and contact tracing 

Anna Muldoon, School for the Future of Innovation in Society - Covid modeling

Online - Zoom