Digital Brown Bag - What Are Your Options for Cognitive Enhancement?

Do you miss engaging in meaningful discussions with fellow students and faculty? The SFIS Digital Brown Bag series offer alumni/e and current students the opportunity to participate in thoughtful discussions and debates centered around recent research and topics within the SFIS community. They're fun, casual and engaging, join us!
Facilitator: SFIS Professor Gregg Zachary
Date: Sunday, February 23
Time: 4:00 — 5:00 p.m.
Description: For centuries, humans have been interested in expanding the power of their own brains. Those interested in boosting their creativity have long been recommended conventional methods such as listening to music or taking a walk. However, did you know that engineers across Silicone Valley are taking "micro-doses" of LSD to increase their cognitive abilities? Join February's Digital Brown Bag to learn more about the vast spectrum of ways that today's technologists are getting "Woke and Wired".
Readings for Discussion: What Are Your Options for Cognitive Enhancement?
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