Innovations Talk: Peace Engineering — Principles and Stories from Around the World

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Peace engineers recognize that their skills as engineers can be applied to societal problems needing technical solutions without ignoring the underlying complex sociopolitical

Jerry McCann will be sharing his life’s work: turning his engineering background and experiences into a valuable peacebuilding competence. He will share how engineering through a peacebuilding lens can not only lead to solutions of positive and peaceful impact, but can also bring greater awareness to the potential for peace around the world. McCann will share examples from a number of different contexts, from Somalia to Colombia.

This talk is for anyone interested in considering a nontraditional path in engineering as McCann will not only share his experiences in the application of peace engineering, but also share the trajectory that took him from an engineering office in Newport Beach, California, in the 1980’s, to Hargeysa, Somaliland, on the Horn of Africa — where he will be returning shortly after this talk.

Cindy Dick
Sep 26 2019 - 12:00pm
Memorial Union, Coconino Rm 246
Tempe campus