Science Fiction TV Dinner: 'Star Trek: Discovery'

Illustration of Michael Burnham, the protagonist of Star Trek: Discovery, in profile from the shoulders up, against a starry night sky background.

The first "Trek" series born in the age of Prestige TV, "Star Trek: Discovery" presents a gritty, stubbornly weird and ethically challenging take on 'Trek's' spacefaring, post-scarcity future.

"Discovery" asks us to ponder how civilian science and technology research is adapted for military use in times of conflict (and whether it should be), the ethics of animal testing, and the development of hybrid bio-technical systems. It also reminds us of the thrills and the existential dangers of living off-world, and continues "Trek's" legacy as a leader in diversity and representation in science fiction, giving us a fresh opportunity to imagine a future where everyone has access to space.

Join us for a Science Fiction TV Dinner with Ted Pavlic, associate director of research at ASU's Biomimicry Center and assistant professor in engineering and sustainability, and Alexandrina Agloro, a media artist, community-based researcher, game designer, and assistant professor in ASU's School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

We’ll have dinner for the first 150 guests. RSVP today!

Center for Science and the Imagination
Joey Eschrich
Oct 08 2019 - 6:30pm
ISTB4, Marston Exploration Theater
Tempe campus