Occasional Talk: Kathleen Vogel

Big Data, AI, and the Future of U.S. Intelligence

Monday, September 16
Noon–1:30 p.m.
Memorial Union, Mohave Room 236

Big Data technologies are being developed and deployed with the aim to help employees work more efficiently and effectively, and to give managers a better “birds-eye” view of how employees are spending their time and effort on the job. Commentaries and studies on workplace monitoring have largely focused on the private sector. What about if these technologies were deployed within the U.S. intelligence community? How might intelligence analysts react to these new technologies? This presentation will explore how these technologies might be deployed in the intelligence workplace.


Kathleen M. Vogel is an associate professor in the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland at College Park.  Vogel holds a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry from Princeton University. Her research focuses on studying the social and technical dimensions of bioweapons and emerging life science threats, the production of knowledge in intelligence assessments, and trends in human trafficking.  Her work has kept close engagement between academia, intelligence, and policy.