CSPO Open House


Marissa Huth

The Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes opened its doors to a broad audience to discuss how science policy should govern a rapidly approaching future, who should be involved, what tools we will need, and we should prepare the next generation of leaders. Co-director Daniel Sarewitz said, “we just are very excited about the work that we do and to have our friends, colleagues, and future friends and colleagues join us.” Three videos of the event presentations are available to view, links are available here.

The Rightful Place of Science: New Tools for Science Policy

To celebrate the launch of the book, The Rightful Place of Science: New Tools for Science Policy, Elizabeth McNie, Ryan Meyer, and Roger Pielke Jr., moderated by Angela Bednarek, discuss innovative new tools to improve science policy. How do we know the science that we are doing is useful to decision-makers? How do we make sure the science agenda lines up with public values? How do we design programs that can enhance the pursuit of those values and the generation of knowledge for decision-makers? https://vimeo.com/295683407

True Stories that Matter

Lee Gutkind discusses the importance of narrative in thinking about and communicating science to a wide audience. Creative nonfiction is the fastest growing publishing genre, yet many scientists still resist incorporating these techniques to communicate their messages. What is the importance of story to science? https://vimeo.com/295684200

The Future of Innovation in Society

Katina Michael discusses how Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Consortium for Science, Policy, & Outcomes can help us understand an increasingly complex, demanding world, and how you can help our mission to ensure the future is for everyone. How can we find truth, community, and connection when technology places increasing demands on us? https://vimeo.com/295684566