Occasional Talk - Nicholas Shapiro

From engineered woods to alter-engineered worlds: toxic atmospheres and the promise of change

In this presentation, I document four different environmental projects that I am working on across four different timescales. The point of presenting them all collectively is to note the interdependence of shortterm stopgap interventions and long-term utopic projects for detoxifying the atmosphere. Each of the interventions I present has a self-edifying temporality and logic for calculating and minimizing violence. Juxtaposing them illustrates their individual insufficiency and the need for syncretic methods rife with productive frictions that make strides towards a less toxic world through coordinating across multiple self-enclosing timescales and logics. 

About Nicholas Shapiro 

Nicholas Shapiro is the Matter, Materials and Culture Fellow at the Science History Institute and the Open Air Fellow at Public Lab. He is a critic and practitioner of environmental monitoring and mitigation, collaborating across the social sciences, the natural sciences, and the arts.

Coor 5536