EnLIGHTeNING Lunch with Ariel Anbar

Ariel Anbar

"PlanetWorks: A Planetary Perspective on the Anthropocene"

The Anthropocene is a new planetary epoch defined by the emergence of human activity as one of the most important driving forces on Earth, rivaling and also stressing the other systems that govern the planet’s habitability.

Public discussions and debates about the challenges of this epoch tend to be polarized. One extreme denies that humans have a planetary-scale impact, while the other wishes that this impact could dis-appear.

The tension between these perspectives is often paralyzing. Effective adaptation and mitigation requires a new perspective that re-frames the conversation.

The Anthropocene is not an unnatural event that can be reversed, as though humanity is separate from the Earth systems with which we are coevolving. Rather, it is an evolutionary transition to be managed. We need an integrated approach to Earth systems science that considers humans as a natural, integral and evolving component of Earth’s systems.

Melissa Waite
Mar 28 2018 - 12:00pm
Memorial Union, Gold room 207
Tempe campus