Emerge: Luna City 2175

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Join for us for Arizona State University’s annual festival of future — Emerge 2018: Luna City 2175. In this immersive adventure to Luna City in the year 2175, visitors will explore the historic metropolis and add their own story to the city’s living narrative. Discover the old-Moon charms of humanity’s first permanent space settlement, a scrappy little city that has already reinvented itself several times as a company town, tourist destination, and down-at-the-heels artistic enclave. 

Emerge will transform ASU’s state-of-the-art Galvin Playhouse on the Tempe campus into a rich theatrical experience grounded in space science research and the inspirational vision of our Writer At Large, Kim Stanley Robinson. Come see, hear, touch, smell and play the future in our unfolding story of human habitation beyond Planet Earth.

Take part in the everyday stories of life on the Moon, from growing food to raising kids, from making music to mourning the dead. Become part of this story yourself as you interact with old-timers, slack-jawed tourists, and the no-nonsense vendors at the food court. Learn their stories and make your own as you navigate the mysteries, challenges, and joys of life on the Moon, and what it can teach us about space exploration, cities on Earth, and the future of communities.

Emerge is an art, science and technology festival that explores the future in evocative ways. As a public event, Emerge offers an imaginative look into the future, exposing the latest inventions underway at ASU and beyond, and asking how they might be shaped and adapted by society in surprising ways. By bringing together artists, scientists, humanists, designers and other performers and scholars, Emerge draws on ASU’s diverse disciplinary ecology and culture of interdisciplinary exchange to create vibrant portraits of alternative futures.

Find more at: http://emerge.asu.edu/

School for the Future of Innovation in Society
Melissa Waite
Mar 17 2018 - 10:30am
Nelson Fine Arts Center, Galvin Playhouse
Tempe campus