Innovations Talk: Ken Eklund

Innovation Talks

Authentic fictions, collaborative futures: sparking learning and transformation through what-if play and participatory narratives 

In a game, people can live through an oil crisis or listen to messages that leak out of a climate-changed future. By creating intriguing story-frames that seem authentic at some level, we can engage people in interacting with new ideas and collaborating to solve real-world problems.

Ken will talk about the art of defining playful yet effective story spaces, growing emergent narratives, and using ‘authentic fictions’ to catalyze public dialogue and spur personal reflection about energy, community resilience and sustainability, educational reform, climate change, new technologies, the lessons of history, and other contemporary issues.

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Ken Eklund is visiting artist at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. His games explore immersive and collaborative storymaking through play, as a means to crowdsource wisdom about wicked problems, engage peer-peer learning, and widen our collective understanding of the future. He is the creator of "World Without Oil" (2007), "FutureCoast" (2014) and other authentic fictions.

Nov 15 2017 - 3:00pm
McCord Hall, room 156
Tempe campus