Sea Turtle Conservation Future of X/First Friday Event

At the Future of X/First Friday event, hands on exercises and demonstrations will be used to learn about the biology of sea turtles, the various threats these endangered animals face, lifestyle changes people can make to promote healthy oceans and sea turtle populations, and the innovative conservation solutions we are working on at SFIS to protect sea turtles and transform the future of fisheries worldwide. We will focus specifically on the different sea turtle species and their biology, how gender is determined in sea turtle hatchlings, how fishing activities and plastic pollution threaten sea turtles, and the technologies we are currently developing to protect sea turtles from fishing and plastic pollution threats.

Tabling: Garfield and 2nd st., Phoenix Nov. 3, 6-11pm Come support our very own Dr. Kiki Jenkins and see her award-winning sea turtle conservation themed dance.

Additionally, visit our table from 6-11PM to learn about sea turtle biology and conservation while meeting postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Jesse Senko, who conducts sea turtle bycatch reduction and fisheries research.

Interested in dancing or volunteering? Contact:

Garfield and 2nd st., Phoenix