Occasional Talk: Stacia Dreyer

March 28, 2017
Human Dimensions of Tidal Energy Technology and Development

Tidal energy is a renewable energy source that could be used to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and help meet renewable energy goals set by governments. The technology needed to extract this energy is in the early stages of development and views towards this technology and energy source are not well understood. In this talk, I will discuss current research on the human dimensions of tidal energy technology and development, with an in-depth look at acceptability, support, and perceptions of tidal energy in Washington state. I will also briefly describe other related work from my research team investigating illingness to pay for tidal energy research and development, as well as two case studies. One case study explores lessons learned from tidal energy pilot projects in WA and the UK, and the other explores rural/urban differences in views towards tidal energy in AK and WA.