The Trouble With Experts

Ira Bennett and Jamey Wetmore

Ira Bennett and Jamey Wetmore from ASU's Center for Engagement and Training in Science and Society (CENTSS) join Andrew Maynard and Heather Ross to talk about experts, expertise, and some of the problems with scientific research.

•Jamey Wetmore:
•Ira Bennett:
•Learn more about what Jamey and Ira do with the Center for Engagement & Training in Science and Society:

•Check out Dan Sarewitz’s article in the New Atlantis where he discusses how scientists must enter the real world:
•And listen to Dan discuss the article on SoundCloud: Tnajournal – Interview-about-saving-science
•There are over 600 stem cell clinics across the US that are unregulated by FDA, and people are spending a lot of money on it. Has science overpromised its abilities?….b9183581aab4
•Albert Einstein once said that you don’t really understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother:…-physics-granny
•Closing thoughts: The work of science and experts must be a team sport. Everybody has a slice of expertise to bring to the table. Science must better reflect the people who are paying for it.