Cybersecurity and National Security

Jamie Winterton

Jamie Winterton, director of strategy for the Global Security Initiative, joins Heather Ross and Andrew Maynard to chat about cybersecurity and national security.

•More info on Jamie Winterton:

•Learn more about the work that ASU’s Global Security Initiative does:

•What is Botnet, you ask?…sche-telekom.html

•Read more about the Stuxnet worm:…-zero-day-stuxnet/

•Attribution (knowing who’s doing what to who) is difficult to do in cybersecurity. Read more about the problem of attribution and feasibility of preventing attacks:

•Epidemiology of cybersecurity? A CDC for the cybercrime doesn’t sound like a bad idea:

•Security can be difficult for busy people. Here are some tips to keep your data safe:
-Use a password manager:
-Set up two-factor authentication: