Algorithmic Bias

Jacqueline Wernimont

Jacqueline Wernimont joins Heather Ross and Andrew Maynard to talk about algorithmic bias -- what is it, and how should we think about it now and in the future. - Jacque Wernimont's website - Jacque's ASU directory listing
•First, let’s definite what an algorithm is. Check out a definition with examples here:
•Jacque talks about the phenomenon of redlining and reverse redlining in Detroit in the 20th century. Read more here:…redlining/388333/
•Read more about Frank Pasquali’s black box society here:…_big_data_has.html
•Jacque discusses the idea of incorporating diverse perspectives into creating algorithms. Flickr’s photo tagging app is an example of what goes wrong when you don’t. Read more here:…lickr-racist-tags/ - a book that we mention in the podcast
•ProPublica found an example of algorithmic bias in our justice system. Read more:…inal-sentencing