Elections as Knowledge Systems

Clark Miller

Show Notes
· Clark wrote a research article after the 2000 election on the topic of elections as knowledge systems. Check it out here: www.jstor.org.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/stable/4144333

· Clark and Heather discuss “Imagined Democracies” by Israeli author Professor Yaron Ezrahi. More info on the book here: www.amazon.com/Imagined-Democrac…ons/dp/1107025753

· Elections are an instrument for measuring the will of the electorate.

· Florida's issues in 2000 made the inner workings of the electoral knowledge system more visible and created the sense that it was possible that elections could get messed up, challenging the way we think about elections.

· For further reading on elections, democracy, and governance, check out these articles by Clark:

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