Occasional Talk with Steven Flipse

Interaction design for responsible innovation: socio-technical integration research at Delft

New date!!! : Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10:30 am - 11:30 am
Tempe Campus: Coor 4403

This presentation will discuss some instances of, and normative implications for, Flipse’s research on designing interaction for responsible innovation at the research group on Science Communication at TU Delft. The core research theme of this group is ‘communication design for innovation’. His work has a close link to the Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) program at ASU, in which social scientists collaborate with their counterparts in science or engineering labs. Interaction design will be explained, which involves systematically developing and organizing ways in which professional innovators can work together and move forward the ideas on their innovation agendas, while deploying methods meant to support responsible innovation. He will raise some deeper philosophical questions about what this means for those developing interactive methods and reflect on the different roles such collaborations place social scientists in, and what that means for their own identities and commitments.


Steven FlipseSteven Flipse was trained as a microbiologist (BSc) and bioprocess engineer (MSc). He then gradually moved towards the social sciences, obtaining his PhD in 2012 on innovation management in the field of industrial life sciences. For a while, he worked at Royal Dutch DSM, a large multinational life sciences company based in the Netherlands. He currently works as assistant professor in science communication, he has his own private company as a corporate communication trainer and consultant, and is founding director of ‘the success detectives’, a consortium of private consultants in innovation management. Two evenings a week he also works as a piano teacher.

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