SFIS Newsletter - August 2018


SFIS Undergrads

Back row, from the left: Frenard Ganda, Stephanie Charbonneau, Alexandra Justesen, Farzan Dean, Sagan Hagstrom
Front row, from left: Joelle Ballecer, Cassandra Erhardt, Steven Barbarito, Andre Johnson, John Rudebeck

Welcoming students — new and returning

We welcome our returning and new students as SFIS enters its third academic year. Jameson Wetmore, chair of undergrad programs said, "It has been great to catch up with returning students and invigorating to see the enthusiasm of our new students. Our goal as professors is to help give you the tools you need to be able to change the world. It’s exciting to have so many students in our classes, events, and hallways who are dedicated to doing just that."

Sagan Hagstrom, a new undergrad in the Innovation in Society program is looking forward to his new program of study. “In high school I was really big into human rights and social justice, but at the time I wanted to do something more with technology,” he said. “When I learned about SFIS, the idea that you didn’t have to be an engineer to influence science and technology was just fascinating to me. You can be just a regular person trying to make a difference!” Just a week into his academic life at ASU, Hagstrom was already involved in an SFIS research project looking at dense urban population centers in Africa. The project involves people with backgrounds in urban planning, security studies, computer science, and geography among others. “I’m really excited to start this research because I think the beauty of this school is that it involves many different disciplines to help create a better future.”

SFIS is celebrating some noteworthy benchmarks:

  • Our Undergraduate Research Fellow program includes 53 students and 11 faculty.
  • The Masters of Science and Technology program (MSTP) program has more than doubled from last year with 17 students.
  • The Human and Social Dimensions (HSD) of Science and Technology program has climbed to an all-time high of 53 doctoral students.
  • With nine first time freshman students, we tripled the number over last fall.

Associate Director Gary Grossman noted, “One of the most important things that keeps SFIS moving forward is the engagement of new, focused, enthusiastic students entering our programs. Since we began as a school three years ago, we have grown and changed, in large measure because of what we have learned from our students.”

If you missed the excitement of welcome week activities, you can review this video: ASU welcomes the Class of 2022!. And newcomers to our campus will be interested in 7 places you must see on the ASU Tempe campus.


SFIS State of the School 2018

State of the School

Director David Guston presented the annual State of the School address outlining accomplishments of SFIS during the past year and looking forward to future goals. For details from the August 22 event, review a video of the presentation.


Lucy Nalbach, Diana Bowman and Catherine Tretiakova

Lucy Nalbach, Diana Bowman and Catherine Tretiakova 

Water Safety Award

Bob Bowman

Diana Bowman won a water safety media award from the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona for her work with Bob Bowman, head coach of ASU’s swimming and diving team). As part of ASU’s Water Safety Campaign the pair teamed up with community partners to create videos depicting safety tips for engaging in water activities with toddlers. Additional team members included Tiffaney Isaacson of Phoenix Children's Hospital, Lucy Tournas, Postdoctoral Research Fellows at SFIS, Catherine Tretiakova, College of Nursing and Health Innovation and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Dominic Papa of Institute for Digital Progress.

Diana Bowman said, ”Drowning is the number on leading cause of preventable death in one to four year olds in the United States, with Arizona have the second highest rate in the country at two times the national average. In order to shift the needle, and build on the work already occurring within the state, we created a partnership that spans ASU (SFIS, Law and Nursing) and draws upon the expertise of Coach Bob Bowman, head coach of ASU’s Swimming and Diving Team, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and the Institute for Digital Progress. This work was recently recognized by the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona with a media award.”



Andi Hess

Andi Hess, is a doctoral student and director of the Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences Initiative (ITISI) and the International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS). She was invited to give a workshop on Team Science at the University of Manchester in July. Hess highlighted the crucial role of effective communication in creating transdisciplinary environments and the positive impact of an ‘Interdisciplinary Translator’ to help ensure common understanding of language used in unique ways in different disciplines. 

Hess commented, "If we want the solutions that scientists are developing to be effective in social contexts, we need to include a variety of perspectives or voices in the conversation. It's not enough to just bring people together though. We need to be deliberate about utilizing the expertise we have gathered in the most effective way. The Science of Team Science teaches us how to do that in our research teams."

Review a post on the workshop.

Faheem Hussain

Faheem Hussain presented Beyond Bullets Challenges and Aspirations of Rohingya Refugees in the Digital Space in the Paper Session: Digital Technologies and International Crisis at the 2018 IFIP WG 9.4 European Regional Conference on the Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. The conference aimed to spark conversations among practitioners and researchers about the histories and current issues seen in various refugee crises around the world. “One of the interesting parts of this conference was getting to meet the people who were not just academics, they were also practitioners, so that helped in broadening our knowledge on what interdisciplinary research we can do,” said Hussain. (https://ict4d.org.uk/ifip94euro2018/)

Gary Grossman

Gary Grossman was a keynote speaker at the International High-Level Conference on the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development,” 2018-2028. His address was titled “Innovation in Global Development” within the Fostering Innovation in Water and Agriculture for Smallholders event. Said Grossman, “The conference focused on the global effort to meet Sustainable Development Goal #6, Clean Water and Sanitation. It was inspiring to see the level of commitment most nations of the world, especially those in the Global South, are putting forth the achieve this crucial outcome.” A conference report is available for review.

Clark Miller

Clark Miller moderator of the first webinar in the New Carbon Economy Series Hosted by LightWorks at Arizona State University: Reframing Carbon Capture and Reuse: Building a New Industry

August 21, 2018

Julio Friedman, CEO of Carbon Wrangler and former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Fossil Energy
Ken Alex, Director of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research - California State Government
Anthony Hobley, Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Tracker Initiative

Recordings of related webinars can be found at https://sustainability.asu.edu/lightspeed-solutions/



CSPO Conversations - A Humble Insect, the Quest for Knowledge, and Our Unnatural Future
Speakers: Lisa Margonelli and Richard Harris
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
8:30 - 10:30 a.m. (Presentation begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. EST, (6 a.m. Arizona)
Join the livestream
ASU Barrett & O'Connor Washington Center
1800 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

9/12 Enlightening Lunch: Bob Cook-Deegan

9/21 Innovations Talk: Bas Boorsma

9/29 Family Weekend Tailgate, High Tea with Director Dave Guston

Oct 18-21 Frankenstein Bicentennial Celebration


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Kaethe Selkirk (PhD student), Cynthia Selin (Associate Professor), Ulrike Felt
A Festival of Futures: Recognizing and Reckoning Temporal Complexity in Foresight
Handbook of Anticipation
March 13, 2018

Faheem Hussain
Digital Access Isn’t a Luxury for Refugees
June 14, 2018

Faheem Hussain and Sara N. Amin (co-author)
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Darlene Cavalier
Update from Darlene Cavalier, the founder of SciStarter
August 17, 2018

Erik Johnston (co-author)
Fostering Sustainability Transitions by Designing for the Convergence of Policy Windows and Transition Arenas
August 21, 2018

Lauren Withycombe Keeler (co-author)
Transferring Sustainability Solutions across Contexts through City–University Partnerships
August 21, 2018

Gary Grossman
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