SFIS Newsletter - April 2018

Diana Bowman selected for prestigious Carnegie fellowship

Diana Bowman

SFIS is proud to announce Diana Bowman, a professor and associate director for students, has been awarded a Andrew Carnegie Fellowship. Selected from a pool of around 300 finalists, Bowman is one of 31 recipients of the prestigious award, which carries a stipend of $200,000.

Each year, the Carnegie program seeks nominations from more than 600 leaders representing a range of universities, think tanks, publishers, independent scholars and nonprofit organizations nationwide. Bowman proposed a groundbreaking study on the ethical and legal issues presented by a new type of reproductive technology called mitochondrial donation, which results in “three-parent families,” as the baby contains DNA from three individuals. Read the full article here.

Engineering and Border Walls featured at Future of X

Border Wall

“It was amazing to see people actually stop, look up, and read everything that was put out. Not only that, but we also heard people having the exact kinds of conversations we wanted them to have about engineers, engineering, and society.” Darshan Karwat, an SFIS professor marveled at the response of visitors to the Future of X display at April’s First Friday event in Phoenix, which was designed to generate conversation around the political nature of engineering and architecture work with reflections on the construction of border walls. A multidisciplinary project called When Mental Walls Lead to Physical Walls, it was designed and built by Karwat with students from engineering, anthropology, and social and cultural pedagogy. Composed of three stations, the display’s centerpiece was a 12-foot tall and total of 32-foot long wood- and steel-framed wall erected on site, and also featured a “museum of walls” illustrating notable walls from history, the history of the US-Mexico border, and the engineering specifications of the new border wall and the resulting prototypes, as well as questions for reflection for visitors to contribute their thoughts. View a photo gallery of the event, or watch a video of the event

Poster Jamboree and Awards

Poster Session

Accomplishments and contributions of the SFIS staff, faculty, and students who help make SFIS a thriving community were celebrated at The Spring Awards and Poster Jamboree. This semester's ceremony celebrated the dedication and stellar work of faculty, student research and a new tradition of recognizing student achievements beyond scholastics.


Investigating challenges in seafood sustainability

Food Sustainability

Professors StaciaDreyer and Kiki Jenkins are participating in a new project looking at how to control the use of resources in seafood production including energy, water and waste disposal. As the US Government issued recommendations to consumers for increased consumption of seafood, supplies have been put under increased stress. "Our goal is to identify concrete ways to reduce water, energy, and food waste in the global seafood supply chain, from the sea to your table, thereby increasing the sustainability of the seafood sector," explained Dreyer.

Working with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and University of Florida funded by a grant from the US Department of Agriculture, the team of researchers have expertise in diverse fields such as environmental psychology, aquaculture and fisheries, wasted food, resource economics, food systems and ecological engineering. Read more.


Citizen Science Maker Summit report

Citizen Science Maker Summit

A new report from the Citizen Science Maker Summit highlights activities from the Summit, provides links to speakers' recorded talks and includes recommendations for future areas of inquiry and development. The report, "ASU / SciStarter Citizen Science Maker Summit: Learning Outcomes and Next Steps" is an outcome of an event that brought together academics, practitioners, educators, citizen scientists and Makers to catalyze and strengthen collaborations between the communities. It was hosted by Arizona State University and SciStarter at the ASU Chandler Innovation Center in October 2016.


Science Communication

Science Communication

A new project, led by Professor Ira Bennett as PI, will examine programs and institutions that facilitate scientists’ communication to the public. Titled “Scientist Support System: Science engagement facilitators landscape overview,” the outcome will be an overview document that will seed the conversation at a workshop about Science Engagement Facilitators. A nearly $20,000 award from the Rita Allen Foundation is funding this part of a larger project, which is being coordinated and supported by the Kavli Foundation.

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