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Conserve and Protect - Lekelia "Kiki" Jenkins '97, BioSci. UMBC Magazine. Fall 2012.

Dr. Jenkins is profiled in the magazine published by her undergraduate university, University of Maryland Baltimore County. The article describes her research and what motivated her to become a marine conservation scientist.

Crowd Funding on Campus: UW Scientists Raise Money for Research Online. UW Today. August 9, 2012.

Dr. Jenkins proposed that her student Rachel Aronson attempt to fund her thesis research using crowd-funding. Rachel created a compelling video, which was posted on Petridish.org, and raised over $3400 for her project on climate change refugees. Her success in this venture made her one of the first researchers on the UW campus to fund a project in this cutting-edge way.

Baltimore Native Honored for Achieve1nents in Environmental Science. Baltimore Times. October 31, 2011.

Women of Color Empowered showcases the ach;evements of h1spiring women who break through glass ceilings and work to improve better their communihes. in September, 2011, Dr. Jenkins was recogn;zed by Women of Color Empowered as one of ;ts "Eco women making a difference in the envh-onment."

Homebrewed Biodiesel. Motorweek. March 2009

Dr. Jenkins was a founding and steer-committee member of the Green Guild Biodiesel Co-op in Tacoma Park, Maryland. This program segment feature Dr. Jenkins and other co-op members discussing the environmental importance of having commercially available biodiesel.

Science and Technology Policy. A WIS Magazine. 2008.

Dr. Jenkins was one of only four women interviewed and featured in an article highlighting the accomplishments of AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellows.

AAAS Policy Fellows Discuss Ways to Increase Diversity in S&T Workforce. AAAS News. July 9, 2008.

Dr. Jenkins'personal experience with resources for minorities in science and technology prompted her to work with four other AAAS Fellows to organize "Championing Diversity in Science and Engineering, " a career-building workshop for colleagues in the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship Program. The event attracted nearly 50 participants for a half-day workshop held on June 10, 2008, at AAAS. This article describes the event, including highlights from panelists.

Fishing Gear Improvements Reduce Bycatch. EnvironmentalResearch W eb.org. February 1 7, 2007.

This article describes highlights from an AAAS Annual Meeting in San Francisco at which Dr. Jenkins organized a symposium and was a speaker. The article quotes Dr. Jenkins's comment regarding fishers inventing some of the most widely adopted and successful gear improvements.