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Master of Science and Technology Policy Program

Andrew Maynard portrait

The pace of change in human societies around the world, driven by science and technology, has increased rapidly over the past two centuries. In the 21st century, this pace has increased even more dramatically as scientific and technologically-driven change remakes nations, lifestyles, and challenges even our ability to continue to live on earth. Now, more than ever, nations, states, multinational corporations, and non-governmental organizations need people who can respond effectively to change, to develop and implement policy that will effectively deal with these challenges. Now, a new generation of leaders are being sought who have the critical knowledge and skills to evaluate and enhance the value of science and technology for societies around the globe. We are pleased to offer this opportunity to students seeking to make a difference as future professionals in this most important calling. We welcome you to the Master of Science and Technology Policy (MSTP)! 

Andrew Maynard
Degree Program Chair