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    How can we build a world where science and technology improve lives and reduce inequity and injustice?

Master of Science and Technology Policy

As our technological capabilities continue to accelerate in today’s hyper-connected and increasingly resource-constrained world, we need a new type of policy expert — one who is able to ensure that science and technology help build a better future for everyone, not just a privileged few.

In the Master of Science and Technology Policy program, we’ll prepare you with new skills, including the ability to integrate expertise across policy, technology innovation, communication and socially responsible innovation. And you’ll learn to work with policymakers and other important stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Drawing on some of the world’s leading experts and innovative thinkers, we’re training future policymakers and analysts to tackle some of the most complex issues of the 21st century.

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Jordan Hibbs

“The MSTP program gave me the opportunity to blend my interests in human behavior, public policy, and complex community issues that reach from the local level to a nationwide audience. The coursework improved my ability to see the big picture and to look at policy holistically. Since graduating, I have used the skills and knowledge I gained in my work in Washington, D.C.”

Jordan Hibbs, MSTP alum

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