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    How can technology help us build a just and equitable world during an era of increased globalization?

Master of Science in Global Technology and Development

As we address the global disparity in wealth and access to resources and basic needs, both between and within countries, you’ll pursue questions of your own that engage you in social science research on issues related to technology and human socioeconomic and political development within nations, regions and around the globe.

The MS in Global Technology and Development program encompasses social, economic and political development, while highlighting the variables of technology and innovation in these development processes. Our students represent a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and interests, and a myriad of undergraduate degrees, from engineering to the social sciences. A variety of course options are available each semester to fulfill program requirements, many from across the university. And you can complete the program with a unique research project or with a more applied and practical internship experience.

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Spencer Mize

"I learned about food systems in the USA, sustainability issues in tourist destinations, transitioning energy systems in North Africa, and conflict issues over oil between Japan and China. GTD helped me better comprehend important global development initiatives as well as my own understanding of how I fit into them."

Spencer Mize, GTD alum

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