Sarewitz Saves Science?

Dan Sarewitz

Dan Sarewitz joins Heather Ross to chat about his 2016 article in The New Atlantis: "Saving Science From Itself." Dan and Heather talk about the problems with publishing volume and opaque academic language, and why scientists should be more like independent filmmakers.

•Guest: Dan Sarewitz
•About Dan Sarewitz:
•Check out Dan’s article, Saving Science:
•Listen to a discussion between Dan and The New Atlantis on SoundCloud: Tnajournal – Interview-about-saving-science
•Learn more about the Master of Science and Technology Policy program at ASU:
•The Toxic Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts Lowell examines ways of reducing the use of toxic chemicals. Their work eschews traditional models, focusing on the ‘solution space’ rather than the ‘problem space':
•The National Breast Cancer Coalition is another organization that has looked at different ways of approaching problem-solving:
•In 2014, a White House unit on Behavioral Psychology was formed. Does this represent a changing stance on the relationship between science and policy?…-sciences-team/