The Future of Cities and the Circular Economy

Thad Miller

Thad Miller joins Heather Ross and Andrew Maynard to chat about the future of cities and the circular economy. This is the 3rd episode of the 5-part series: Innovation, Society, and the Circular Economy for the 2016 Disruptive Innovation Festival. Please join the conversation at, Twitter @futurethinkpod, or by adding your comments wherever you get your podcasts.

Show Notes
•Guest, Thad Miller:

•Read more on the circular economy here:…g-off-in-the-us

•Ecological Gentrification: what is it? Read about it:…cation/

•Recent studies have shown that Uber and Lyft drivers have shown discrimination in use of their technology. Read more here:…and-lyft-drivers

•Heather discusses the Clay Christensen model of disruption. Read more:…ies-catching-the-wave

•Portland now has a pilot program for compost pickup. Can we expect other cities to follow suit? Read more here:…date-businesses

•Portland passed a resolution banning construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure within city boundaries. Where does Portland get the authority to do this from? Read more:…ssil-fuel-terminals/

•Whole Foods in Detroit. What can we learn from this story? Read more:…sm_racism_and.html

•Urban farming in Detroit means communities are working to find the most efficient ways to use the resources around them. Read more:…riculture-proposal