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recording a podcast episodeSFIS professors Heather Ross and Andrew Maynard have come together to launch a new podcast which broadcast the unfiltered, unedited “hallway conversations” in which experts chat about our collective future and how emerging science and technology affects society. On Future Out Loud, Ross and Maynard sit down with a variety of experts on and off campus, sharing the kind of valuable insights that usually have to be paid for with tuition or consultation fees.

Originally, Future Out Loud was intended to help introduce SFIS to prospective students but, said Ross, “We’re extending out to a much broader audience.” Even policy makers and entrepreneurs will have something to learn. “Podcasts really are the best format for that right now,” she added. Maynard, who frequently makes Youtube videos for Risk Bites, the channel for his Risk Innovation Lab, said, “The problem with video is you have to dedicate 100% of your time and your attention.” Podcasts, by contrast, can be listened to while you exercise, clean, or commute.

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Ross drew on many of the podcasts she listened to for inspiration. “When I listen to some of those scripted shows, I never feel like I ever get the inside story,” she said. “It’s the unedited conversations that are most intriguing. There’s no Powerpoint, no script. We ask our guests specifically not to prepare anything.” Maynard agreed. “I find it quite compelling,” he said. “As faculty, never have the time to talk about all those other ideas swimming around in our heads. This gives us the ability to connect with other professionals in a different way.

Future Out Loud is airing now on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. Fans can also show their support by “liking” Future Out Loud’s facebook page. Shows will air once a week. Click here to listen to the first episode, a conversation with computer scientist Adam Doupé about cybersecurity, and a special pre-election chat about elections as knowledge systems featuring SFIS Associate Director for Faculty and STS expert, Clark Miller.


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