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enLIGHTeNING Lunch with Sasha Barab

The Future of Unlocking Human Potential
Using platform innovations to “level up” in the real world
Through Sasha Barab’s work, you’ll reconsider the role of digital games and innovation for helping people thrive in life. His presentation uses an “invite, enable, and release” metaphor that makes it easy for anyone to:

  • Connect to real-world opportunities
  • Connect with people and ideas to achieve desired growth and impact
  • Champion the growth and impact of others

His growth model emphasizes outcomes and the impact people can have in the world. By ‘flipping learning
on its head’ his work moves beyond the long-standing quandary of ‘Why am I learning this?’ and expands the learner’s focus to, ‘What possibilities do I want to pursue?’ ‘What do I need to know to realize this goal?’ and ‘Who is going to help me succeed?’

 Sasha Barab is an internationally recognized Learning Scientist who has researched, designed, and published extensively on the challenges and opportunities of using innovation for impact, with a particular focus on the power of games. He is a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Games and Impact. His research has resulted in numerous grants, over 100 published manuscripts, and multiple game-based innovations that have been engaged by over 200,000 players to support learning and transformation. His current work extends the design boundaries from within the bits and bytes of the game world to complex real-world ecosystems with the goal of helping all learners thrive in a complex, rapidly changing, digitally connected world. Across these innovations is a sensitivity to factors such as ecosystem integration, stakeholder alignment, storied truths, enacted agency, ongoing optimization, and sustainable and scalable outcomes. All with the goal of helping individuals to thrive in a complex, rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

Date: 1st March, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue: Coor 5536, Tempe Campus

RSVP by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, 2/28 here.