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Jaclyn Hawtin

"GTD has completely changed my life. I barely even recognize the person that I was when I started this program as I have gone through such a transformational process. This program has given me the tools I needed to become a true entrepreneur and upon graduation I will be leaving not only with a Masters degree in hand but also a global company that I can call my own."


Nedim Yel

"GTD changed the way I look at the world. Most of the problems you think unique to your county of origin is not unique at all. The slight modifications of the solutions to those problems will also have global implications and GTD will give you an important role to be the bridge between those problems and solutions."


Thomas Bejarano

"As with most journeys we tend to evolve along the way and the time I spent in the GTD program cemented my resolve to understand how both science and technology can be used for positive change for the societies of this world, and how best to use our increasing technological abilities towards facilitating entrepreneurship around the world. GTD has set me on a path that I would have never dreamed I could find and now can’t imagine stepping off."